Medication Aide


The Medication Aide Training Program is a comprehensive course designed for Certified Nurse Aides and people that have worked in assisted living for at least 12 months prior with duties as personal care giver.  The program is designed to teach students the skills and abilities essential to administer medications for the provision of basic care to residents in long-term care facilities.

Graduates of this program will be able to communicate and interact effectively with patients and assist patients in attaining and maintaining maximum functional independence while observing patient rights. They will learn the basic roles and responsibilities of a medication aide, pharmacology mathematics; how different medications affect the systems in the body, and drug legislations.  Additionally, they will be able to prepare medication and basic medication administration.

Students are required to sit for the Medication Certification exam administered by the Texas Department of Aging & Disability Services (TDADS).Graduates of this program (Certified Medication Aides -CMA) – may find entry-level employment as a medication aide with nursing homes, correctional institutions, community-based facilities, and group homes, assisted living, and supervised by registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses.


Current Photo Identification

Social  Security card

US High School Diploma or GED (Online High School Diploma cannot be accepted)

FOREIGN diploma will be accepted ONLY if evaluated

Must currently be Texas state Certified Nurse aide working directly with a nursing home and/ or assisted living facility OR

Must be a non-certified employee of an assisted living facility for 90 days or more

The Board of Medication Aide does not allow enrollment for Nurses Aides working in the following:  *Home Health Agency  *Hospitals  *Staffing Agency  (Medication aides are only allowed in licensed facilities to include correctional facilities).

Program Length:  8 weeks.

Morning classes: 1p.m.  (Monday-Friday)

Evening classes: 3p.m. to 6p.m. (Monday-Friday)


              MORNING CLASS (10AM-1PM)                               EVENING CLASS (3PM-6PM)            START DATE     END DATE                                           START DATE          END DATE

  •      JAN 30th     MAR 31st                                               
  •      APRIL 3RD      JUNE 2ND                                                      
  •      JUNE 12TH     AUG 11TH                                                      
  •     AUG 21ST       OCT 20TH                                                                                                     
  •     OCT 23RD      DEC 22ND
  •     JAN 2ND ’24     MAR 1ST ’24                                          JAN 2ND’24             Mar 1ST ’24
  •     MARCH 4TH ‘ 24   MAY 3RD ’24                                     MARCH 4TH          MAR 3RD “24
  •      MAY 6TH ’24          JULY 5TH ’24                                                     


The classes will be held in-person excepts some few days on zoom, which you will be told by the instructor. The course will run for 8 weeks. You are required to get the textbook on your own.

At the point of registration, you pay a $100. This is the Application Fee. It will be used to run background checks to determine if you are eligible to take the class or not. This is not refundable once you have a HIT on your record. Please allow some days to process.

The total fee is $1000. You are expected to come with the balance of the tuition on the first day of class. If you decide to go with a payment plan, the breakdown of payment is as follows;

$100: on the day you register for the class

$520: on the first day of class

$380: on the first day of the Third week of class

Requirements for registration are:


– You must be a CNA working or a Caregiver working for over 90 days DIRECTLY with a long-term facility care or assisted living, and still working while taking the class.

– Beginning August 1st, ALL applicants will be required to submit a fingerprint and have their criminal history approved by HHSC before taking the examination. If you have any kind of HIT on your record, you will be required to come with a Criminal History Evaluation Letter from the state, approving you to take the training, before you can register for the class.  

You can request for the form here Form 5537-MA, Request for Criminal History Evaluation Letter for Medication Aide Permit | Texas Health and Human Services .Click on the Form 5537 Form, Fill the form and click submit by email. (If you are unable to open the document, try opening with explorer web browser). 

– Once you are done submitting the request, you MUST schedule an appointment with one of these centers to submit your finger prints(Use 11JH9Z as service code). A medication aide is responsible for paying the cost ($38.25)of the fingerprint-based criminal history check. HHSC will receive your fingerprints through a secure website within 24-48 business hours after submission. HHSC staff will review your criminal history and provide a criminal evaluation letter within 10 business days after receiving your results. Come with this letter to the school to register for the class.  

– To take the Medication Aide State Board Exams, you will be required to take some forms to your employer to attest that you are working there at the time you are taking the class. If your high school diploma is from a different country, you will be required to evaluate before submission. You will also be required to complete the fingerprint and submit the Criminal History Evaluation Letter (Kindly see above for process) along with other documents and money order to take the state Exams.

**Be sure you work in a facility so you can take your clinicals there**;