Nurse Aide


Nurse Aide

Nurse Aide Program

This program is designed to prepare students to meet the demands necessary for Long Term Care patients or provide care for patients recovering from medical illnesses.  Students will receive classroom lecture and laboratory practice, and will ultimately be assigned into a clinical environment to apply acquired skills and knowledge in real life situations.

The student will protect, support, and promote the rights of the residents; provide safety and preventive measures in the care of residents; demonstrate skills in observing and reporting; and function effectively as a member of the health care team.

Graduate students of this program are eligible to sit for Nurse Aide Certification administered by the Texas Department of Aging & Disability Services (TDADS).  Successful students are given the title of Certified Nurse Aides who gain employment in hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, correctional facilities and private duty.

Current Photo Identification
Social  Security card or letter from social security that you have one in process

US High School Diploma or GED

FOREIGN diploma will be accepted if written in English or you may take the school’s Placement Test (Wonderlic SLE; cost is $50 for placement test). The placement test is required if no proof of High School Diploma, GED or Diploma and cannot be used for any other training.

A negative Tuberculosis test not older than one year  or x-ray not older than two years

The following immunizations are required:

  • Flu Shot (During Flu Season)
  • Chicken Pox
  • Tetanus/ Diphtheria
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine

A background check will be conducted to make sure students is eligible to work as a certified nurse aide

A Texas Department of Aging & Disability Services Employability status check will be conducted on student

Textbook will be loaned to student or can be bought at a price of $40.

Workbook and skill book is included in tuition



There is an Online Class and In-Person class. The course will run for 2 weeks. You are required to get the textbook on your own before the class. If you are unable to get it, you can purchase from the school for $40

The In-Person class will be in school excepts some few days on zoom, which you will be told by the instructor.
The Online class is a self-taught class using the materials provided by the school and the textbook to guide you. You are required to come in to join the In-Person class for skills on the second week, usually on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. (except stated otherwise by the instructor). If you decide to make payment on the school’s website, there will be a $20 processing fee. Other payment methods are via Zelle transfer, paying with cash or card in person or sending money order.

At the point of registration, you pay a $100. This is the Application Fee. It will be used to run background checks to determine if you are eligible to take the class or not. This is not refundable once you have a HIT on your record. Please allow some days to process.

The total fee is $650 ($670 for payment plan). You are expected to come with the balance of the tuition on the first day of class. If you decide to go with the payment plan, there is a $20 additional fee on the tuition for the payment plan. This mean the total tuition is $670.


$100: on the day you register for the class
$400: on the first day of class
$150: on the first day of the 2nd week of class

Nurse Aide Schedule for 2024

January 15th 2024 – January 26th 2024- AM

February 5th – February 16th 2024 -AM

March 4th – March 15th 2024- AM 

March 18th – March 29th 2024 -AM

April 1st – April 12th 2024- AM

April 15th – April 26th 2024-AM

May 6th – May 17th 2024 – AM 

May 20th – May 31st 2024 – AM

June 3rd – June 14th 2024 -AM

8th July 2024 – 19th July 2024 -AM

22nd July 2024 – August 2nd 2024- AM


Walk in to schedule for a refresher class if you need to retake your state board exam.

Classes are Monday-Friday, some days are online via zoom.

Clinicals will run in between the classes as the curriculum schedule

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