Pharmacy Technician Seminar


Pharmacy Technician Seminar

Pharmacy Technician Seminar Program

The Pharmacy Technician Review course prepares technicians to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) examination.

The national exam is administered three times of the year in March, July and November.  The material that will be taught in the course is covered in three sections of the exam are:

  • Prescription Processing, Pharmacy Law, Pharmaceutical Calculation, Drug Classification and Use.
  • Drug Purchasing and Storage, IV Preparation and non-sterile compounding.
  • Drug reference, safety, computer knowledge and policies and procedures relating to pharmacy.

After the class, the students will be able to participate in the PTCB national certification examination.  The course is completed in 4 weeks.  Students are prepared for the national exam through review and practice testing. This course is a comprehensive guide to study skills, time management, test taking strategies and a complete guide to the PTCB Exam.

Special emphasis is on practice exams and recommendations for improvement. An externship is optional.  This is a hands-on experience for the trainee to work under a registered pharmacist in a pharmacy.

                                 PHARMACY TECH SEMINAR SCHEDULE 2023


  START DATE                                              END DATE

  FEBRUARY 20TH                                  MARCH 24TH

  MAY 1ST                                              MAY 26TH

  JUNE 5TH                                             JUNE 30TH


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