Student Services & Resources

Academic Guidance

Our enrollment staff is equipped to provide academic guidance to intending students deciding suitable training for them. They are on hand to provide sources and information on each of the programs offered.


All students unable to maintain a satisfactory grade are encouraged to meet with faculty for additional assistance through resources available in the library and on the computers in the computer laboratory resources.Remediation is offered to all students as and when required.

Higher Education

Teamwork Career Institute supports students who may wish to pursue further medical training as a licensed vocational nurse or registered nurse. This training can be found at colleges in the DFW area.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this TCI are prepared for employment in healthcare facilities like private care homes, hospitals or community nursing facilities. To work in a long-term care facility and become certified, graduates must take and pass a written and clinical state examination required by the board.

Nurse working on PC
Positive young black doctor with patients anamnesis over white

Career Services

A primary goal of Teamwork is to assist all graduates in their job search in the field for which they have been trained.

Students are given the opportunity to pursue job referrals generated by Teamwork Career Institute.

A majority of our graduates who seek employment find positions in the field for which they are trained.  However, the school cannot guarantee employment.

Our Path to employment personnel explain and directly assist with our student’s job search process.  Placement efforts begin on orientation day and continue through graduation and beyond.

Career Services hosts industry specific seminars which often feature prominent professionals in the field.

Veteran Benefits

Veterans on Active Duty Benefits.

Veterans who begin active duty for the first time after June 30, 1985

Starting 10/1/10, the basic full-time monthly benefits is $1,426.00 for three years obligated service (Category IB) or for 2 years active duty and 4 years in the Selected Reserve Category (Category IC)

or for 2 years active duty and 4 years in the Selected Reserve Category (Category IC)

The basic full-time monthly benefit is $1,158.00 for two years obligated service (Category IA)


Please select the following topics to read important disclosure information.

A background check and clearance may be required for enrollment in TS and for externship/clinical site placement and employment in some programs. Clearance may not be obtained if a background check identifies a conviction, pending case or uncompleted deferral/diversion for crimes committed within the last seven years.

Our facility is equipped with ADA accessibility and instructors are trained to administer teaching methods to meet such need and recommendation. All prospective students or current students in need of accommodation must make a request to the administration at the time of enrollment and when needed for consideration.


Teamwork Career Institute is an adult education center and does not offer daycare facilities. Arrangements should be made prior to class attendance. Children are not allowed in the classroom during classes. Plans for care during a child’s illness must be confirmed prior to starting classes in a TCI healthcare program.


All students are at risk of being exposed to communicable diseases during the program. Every student will receive infectious disease/universal precautions training prior to clinical experience to learn about ways to protect yourself and how to receive care if you are exposed to or contract a communicable disease.The TB skin test or Chest x-ray clearance is required for all Nurse Aide students on admission to TS, before direct contact with a resident in the facility. All phlebotomy students are to have Hepatitis B vaccination before skill laboratory hours.


All pregnant students are to discuss the wellness of their being with their physician prior to enrollment. Some programs require lifting and transfer of residents. A doctor’s release in order to participate fully in the program may be required before taking classes.